hi my name is chloe welcome to my web home. here is some relevant information about myself: i was born in minnesota, raised in suburban san diego, and now i guess new york is my home! that's where i go to school, which is what i spend most of my time doing. i study anthropology and art history. i also write for various publications, including reporting this piece on natural beauty and vloggers for vox's the goods, this piece on coloring menus in restaurants at eater, interviews for the le sigh (rip), and this humor piece for mcsweeney's (even poetry at one point, though not so much anymore).

i would consider writing my "main thing" but i am also interested in other types of creative work. i make things using processing and p5.js. my favorite project i've completed is a digital art school inspired by ms paint and kid pix. currently i am working on generating feelings poetry" and building a cloud watching game. last year i made: a photobooth drawing tool, a a poetry tool inspired by fridge magnets, and an emoji drawing tool i hope to expand on. i also am working on learning web design. i made the museum of minecraft celebrities. i also made this website. other miscellanious projects i've done include a 13 episode web comic, my heartfelt tribute to block buster, i've made a few things on twine about resolutions , going to the movies, and sharks. in the future i would like to write more, publish my fiction, and learn javascript. i am interested in working on things involving writing, art, and technology.

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